GreenThumb IO



Cannabis • Blockchain • AI


Advanced Technology


Crypto Smart Camera
Secure - Oversight - Respond

  • Live Plant Analysis
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Video Streaming
  • Builtin Blockchain Mining

Artificial Intelligence
Automatic - Performance - Alerts

  • Leaf Area Analysis
  • Bud Area Analysis
  • Plant Health Reports
  • Instant Notification

Trust - Safety - Posterity

  • Digital Tokenized Organic Assets
  • Streamlined Compliance Reporting
  • Transparent Organic Certification
  • Traceability Down to the Pixel from the Source

Crypto-Smart Camera

Always have an eye on your crop. With GreenThumb IO you can be alerted of problems before they get out of hand. The system provides cultivators meaningful data about their crops, pinpointing problems in real time.


Artificial Intelligence

The first system to produce measurements and actionable notifications from the visual response of the plant. Analyzes camera data and turns it into actionable insights, digitizing characteristics of the plants into trackable assets tracked on the blockchain.



Taking your data to the next level. GTIO is a lightweight blockchain network that runs on the camera systems. Turning your organic plants into tokenized digital assets. Keep track of resource usage for posterity and compliance. An immutable ledger of plant data that tracks crop activity throughout its lifecycle, generating verifiable compliance data for organic certifications. 


Open Source Technology


AIY Vision kit - Smart Cannabis Cam
april 2018

We decided to used the AIY Vision Kit from Google to run our TensorFlow models on the Vision Bonnet. We're also going to show to how to mine with your Raspberry Pi when it's idle.

Opencv - Leaf Area Analyzer
April 2018

Since we are in the process of developing new TensorFlow models to replace our existing prototype, we've decided to Open Source our initial Leaf Area Analyzer.

Opencv - Bud Area Analysis
April 2018

Along with our Leaf Area Analyzer you can now checkout our original Bud Area Analyzer. These both were done with OpenCV and will be replaced with better TensorFlow models.


Grow With Our Vision 

We are currently offering a Free Beta to Cultivators on the NestCam platform.