Lightweight PoW

Lightweight Like AEON

GTIO is a CyptoNote-Lite like Aeon (a fork of Monero) that utilizes the CryptoNight-Light algorithm for faster block share verification of cameras and low-end devices.

Secure & Private

Secure Like Blockchain, Private Like Monero

Robust, distributed P2P consensus. ID is not visible on the blockchain

Untraceable by Default

Paper trails are only left for compliance

Ring signatures help prevent blockchain analysis, only compliance data

Optional Traceable Transfers

For Traceability and Compliance

Non-sensitive data such as compliance or resource consumption can utilize a faster lower-fee transfer option to share their plant data for posterity.


Designed for IOT and Edge Processing

GTIO to run efficiently on ARM devices like cameras, mobile, or POS systems with a lightweight 1 MB scratchpad

Pruned to Scale

Fit to Scale

Allows the blockchain to stay small and not outgrow the limited space available

Faster Syncing

Blocktime and Pow Optimizations 

4-minute blocktime and lightweight PoW improve camera performance by up to 10x compared to Bitcoin and Monero variants




For quotes or information:

We are currently running our Beta program, inquire for more details