Leaf Area

Turn Pixels into Millimeter measurements of canopy foliage

Track the vegetative performance of your crop with quantifiable measurements of the foliar coverage requesting feedback when drops in leaf growth are detected.

Bud Area

Turn Pixels into Millimeter measurements of Bud sites

Monitor your bud sites from the moment they flower, tracking their size and distribution.

Activity Monitor

Report interactions caught on camera

Motion is recorded and feedback collected from the cultivator in the Daily Health Reports

Health Reports

Daily Health Summary and Feedback

Health Reports provide an activity summary that presents all finding from the day and request feedback on any unknown motion events. All data is verified and recorded on the Blockchain.

Realtime Alerts

NOtifications that pin point time and location

System notifies immediately of any change to Leaf or Bud metrics.

Performance Graphing

Charting leaf and bud performance for posterity

Leaf and Bud Area are graphed and compared to historic records.

Time-lapse Animated Graphs

Visualized Time Series Graphs and Time-Lapse Videos 

Each camera generates rewarding visualizations of your crop from planting to harvest along side live footage.

Harvestability Monitoring

Track Bud Site Maturity

Harvest at the optimal time and be alerted of problems such as botrytis before they spread.



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