Your Data Lives with your Plants

The cameras are a unique blockchain solution which securely distributes the GTIO Platform data and computing throughout the cultivation network.


Efficient ARM based CPU/GPU Native Acceleration

CryptoNight-Light running with ARM NEON optimization to achieve maximum performance

Builtin Artificial Intelligence

Models Trained for infield execution

Motion, Human, Animal, Vehicle, Leaf, and Bud analysis all done onboard.

Environmental Sensors

Traditional Commodity sensors

Camera sensors, processors, and lenses continue to become more affordable with consumer smart cam ubiquity. Onboard light, temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity sensors give additional metrics for the system to provide insights.

PTZ and IR

IR and Optical Zoom for super-human Plant inspection

Get a closer look and in a different color spectrum to see more than the naked eye.

Live Video Streaming

Tap into your Camera Feeds

Just like any smart camera platform you get a mobile live view of your monitored grow spaces.

Intelligent Power Management

Mine for GTIO when you're Not looking

Designed to mine during idle time, when you are not looking at the cameras they utilize their extra resources to mine for the GTIO network.


Efficient Mining and AI Model Execution

Hardware designed with low powered decentralized computing in mind.


For quotes or information:

We are currently running our Beta program, inquire for more details