GreenThumb IO Vision

Cannabis -Vision

GreenThumb IO is a company focused on automating conventional agriculture cultivating technology with smart cameras and machine learning.

GreenThumb IO analyses visual key performance indicators metrics and delivers quantifiable metrics in order to enhance the cultivation experience. Providing fully autonomous monitoring and alerts with suggestions on watering and feeding schedule amendments. Fully autonomous greenhouses and growing environments achieved by integrating GreenThumb IO with conventional irrigation systems allowing GreenThumb to directly perform or recommend actions.

GreenThumb IO provides unique value to the cannabis industry with more granular, real-time analysis of plant health using smart cameras, with machine learning to assess conditions, make predictions, and suggest actions to growers. Our powerful software can integrate with any existing hardware, or we can supply our own cameras and automated irrigation system at a low cost to our users. With this initial prototype, we are only at the beginning of our mission to create a fully automated cannabis cultivation product within the next 1-3 years, with all compliance details automatically reported and stored on the blockchain. Our first customers will be at the forefront of this innovation as the cannabis sector enters the next decade.


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We are currently running our Beta program, inquire for more details